About Us

Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We have been identifying, recognizing, and rewarding exceptional teachers in New Mexico since 1994.  Our mission is to catalyze teacher excellence through recognition, professional development, and community engagement.

Our History

Celebrating Teacher Excellence

The Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico was founded in 1994 by Mike Koldyke with the intent of improving education in New Mexico by recognizing outstanding teachers and making it easier for them to share their talents, methods, and creative approaches with their colleagues.  Based on a model similar to that of the Golden Apple Foundation of Illinois, our Foundation selected its first class of  Golden Apple Fellows in 1996.  “Fellows” are the recipients of the highest teaching award from Golden Apple Foundation of NM. Since then, we have recognized hundreds of the most exceptional educators in New Mexico.

Our Goal

Improve Education in New Mexico

The Foundation recognizes our dream of improving education across New Mexico does not begin and end with teacher recognition.  Our goals also include recruiting and mentoring young people into the teaching profession, as well as providing valuable and specialized professional development opportunities for all teachers across our unique and beautiful state.

Teacher Outreach

Serving All of New Mexico

Given New Mexico’s geographical size, there is no possible way to achieve these goals without leveraging the strength, willingness, and generosity of our local communities.  Golden Apple is deeply committed to offering opportunities to all teachers in New Mexico, regardless of the size of their school or distance from the Santa Fe-Albuquerque-Las Cruces corridor.  We strive to build a strong community through our Academy of Fellows, our professional development offerings, and our statewide Golden Apple outreach to teachers at all stages of their educational careers.

 Our Board & Team

Dedicated Individuals Committed to Service

The Golden Apple Foundation board of directors is represented by the community they serve. It is comprised of educators, Golden Apple Award winners, and partners focused on our mission. The board is dedicated to supporting teachers across New Mexico by facilitating professional development, grants, and recognition.