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Ask Not What Your School Can Do For You; Ask What You Can Do For Your School

Ask Not What Your School Can Do For You; Ask What You Can Do For Your School

---By Christine Beverly, Golden Apple Fellow 2008 & Golden Apple Academy Chair--- Public school. Most people think public schools are just paid for by their public tax dollars. Full stop and end of discussion. The word “public” does, indeed, mean funded by taxpayer dollars. However, it also means that the taxpayers have ownership. And with ownership comes responsibility. We all know that owning...

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A Peek Into Pt – A Math Activity

A Peek into PT – A Math Activity

---by Cheryl Leung, Golden Apple Fellow--- “When will I ever use this?” Instead of giving students a litany of ways they will use math in the real world, it can sometimes be more powerful to let them actually experience how math comes into play in very real ways in the real world. My daughter, Dr. Anne Leung, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an adjunct professor at Arcadia University, designed...

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Teaching Science From A Distance

Teaching Science from a Distance

---by Chris Speck, Golden Apple Fellow 2018---  Virtual teaching can be disorienting. In the absence of our classrooms chock a bock full of fancy science gizmos, we’re becalmed in a sea of unknowns. Tech access, motivation, attendance, and prior knowledge are just a few of the variables battering online teachers. However, positive experiences can be found in the midst of this mire. Online...

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Podcasting In The Classroom

Podcasting in the classroom

---by Travis Crawley, Golden Apple Fellow--- When I was younger, my mother always told me that I had “a face for radio”. Maybe that explains my passion for all things audio, including podcasts. If you are asking yourself, “What exactly are these podcasts I’ve been hearing about?” then 1) You must live under a rock, and 2) stop right now and give one a try. Recommendations: This American Life,...

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The Stress Of Covid 19 – What It Looks Like In Children And What You Can Do To Support Them

The Stress of COVID 19 – What It Looks Like in Children and What You Can Do To Support Them

---By Cheryl Leung, Golden Apple Fellow as told by Margaret Matteucci, (Public School Counselor and Member of the Albuquerque Public Schools Crisis Team)--- As children and adolescents everywhere cope with the world as they know it being turned on its head, many of them are struggling.   They are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress. What Children and Adolescents are Feeling...

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Summer Reading For Teachers

Summer Reading for Teachers

---by Jennifer Chavez-Miller, Golden Apple Fellow--- Last summer, I read 19 books. Before you reach for your device to send me a message imbued with incredulity, annoyance, or even congratulations, let me say this….for me, it was an unprecedented summer. After two decades of summers taking classes or teaching summer school or writing curriculum or painting classrooms, I found myself in a novel...

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Story – A Tool For Making Math Concrete

Story – A Tool for Making Math Concrete

---by Cheryl Leung, Golden Apple Fellow--- There is something incredibly powerful about the idea of story as a teaching device. It brings an idea to life. It makes an abstraction become concrete and accessible. The idea becomes something real and tangible to a child when they experience it in a story. By bringing the idea of story into math class, the abstractions associated with math concepts...

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The Importance Of Reading

The Importance of Reading

---by Theresa Sandoval, Golden Apple Fellow--- Reading to children at an early age is critical. It sets them up to succeed in life. Reading to children develops their language skills. Reading to children consistently also enhances their knowledge. For example, when children look at or read various genres of books, they are naturally curious and want to know more information about the text. This...

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Bringing The Ocean To The Desert

Bringing the Ocean to the Desert

---by Chris Speck, Golden Apple Fellow---   I am a 2018 Golden Apple Fellow. I teach 7th grade life science (biology) at Garfield STEM School in Albuquerque, NM. A few years ago I had the good fortune to participate in the Research Experience for Teachers at UNM; even better, I got placed with Tim Boyle at Sandia National Labs’ Advanced Materials Lab where I worked on the coordination...

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A Sense Of Belonging?

A Sense of Belonging?

---by Cheryl Leung, Golden Apple Fellow---  The sun baked down on the parking lot as I walked across the asphalt, my suitcase trailing behind.   I stepped through the door, into the blast of air conditioning, and basked in the crisp, cold air.   I breathed a breath of contentment.   I was “home”.   Women from various STEM fields were scattered around the room, each one deeply committed to...

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Improving Education In New Mexico

Improving Education in New Mexico

---by Jeff Tuttle, Golden Apple Fellow---   I met today at the National Hispanic Cultural Center to represent the Golden Apple Academy, with people from the Legislative Education Study Committee, Senator Padilla, Ellen Bernstein, Susan Patrick of iNacol, the Coalition for Excellence in Education, PTEC, the LANL Foundation, board members from APS, teachers, parents, and students in a meeting...

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There’s An Academy For That…

There’s an Academy for that…

---by Christine Beverly, Golden Apple Fellow---   There is much hand wringing over education in New Mexico these days: What’s wrong with New Mexico’s educational system? How can we improve our kids’ reading and math scores? How can we lower the drop out rate and raise the graduation rate? How do we ensure every student across the state receives equitable access to a high quality education?...

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